Jungkraut Update Februar 2022

Jungkraut Update Februar 2022

Woohoo! We have something to celebrate! While we’ve been live with our website and store for a few weeks now, it’s only been a few days that you’ve been able to order our Samples Collection.

Like all our products of course completely produced and bottled in Switzerland. Are you unsure which of our products you want to buy? Are you afraid that you might not like the scent? Then simply order the Jungkraut Skincare Supplies Sample Collection at unbeatable conditions and try the products at home for a few days!

Like all our other products, the Samples Collection will be delivered to your home free of charge.

You don’t live in Switzerland and can’t wait to finally order our products to your home? Soon this will be possible, we are working hard on it. Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter! Don’t worry about us spamming you, we’re not that diligent writers unfortunately…

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